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Slipknot patří na Facebooku mezi 20 nejsledovanějších hudebních kapel vůbec? Až za nimi jsou jména jako KoRn či U2.

2008-08-07 22:55 Corey(8)
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Andre Mihsin of ChartAttack.com recently conducted an interview with SLIPKNOT percussionist Shawn "Clown" Crahan.

Slipknot have become one of the most popular and controversial metal bands of the last decade. Despite their immense popularity, percussionist Shawn "Clown" Crahan takes pride in the fact that, in their minds, they're still the same outcasts.

"I think we're more dangerous now than ever because good soldiers get to be good generals. That's where we're at. It's been 10 years of a philosophy, and I ponder it all day long. I remember not being able to walk down certain hallways just because we were brand new and misunderstood and misconstrued. People were discriminatory towards us. It was bad. But now, living the 'fuck it all' [mentality], we've pretty much broken down all the walls. We've pretty much kicked everyone who was going to be in our way out of our way, and all the naysayers are looking for passes."

Crahan says being different is the whole point.

"I enjoy knowing that what we create doesn't fit within these walls of efficiency. We're always the anomaly — the random chaotic thing in life that reminds you that you don't know shit and you need to always grow."

Although Crahan seems more than happy being an outsider, Slipknot made every move to try and fit in on their last record. They went to Los Angeles to record Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses with producer Rick Rubin. But despite his proven track record, Rubin's philosophy apparently didn't mesh well with the members of Slipknot. But he left his mark on Crahan.

"I would definitely want to go back with Rick. Rick is much more to me than we even have time to talk about, and it don't even feel good talking about it anymore for the simple fact that everyone's got their own idea of what producing is. And what it comes down to is everyone's got their own art and their own idea of what art is. What you try to do is you try to have an idea and try to have as many people to work around that idea as possible.

"And maybe Rick didn't do that for some people. So for me, all I can say is I definitely wanted to work with Rick again. I'm not going to say it's a mistake that we didn't, because we know what we're doing. This record sounds phenomenal. Dave Fortman did a great job on separating all of us, and I think sonically it's a great record. For me, Rubin's my head. That's where I'm at, to be honest with you. If you want to go all the way down the hole, then Rick's your guy. That's what I like to do. I like to go all the way down the hole. I'm looking for the rabbit, man."

For their upcoming record, All Hope Is Gone, Slipknot chose to avoid recording hot spots like New York or L.A. and elected to record in America's heartland in Jamaica, Iowa, near their hometown of Des Moines.

"We have a good friend who owns some land, just under eight acres," Crahan says. "His place is called Sound Farm. It's about 40 minutes from home. It was a pleasure. I would leave and come back and sleep next to my wife. The vibe that I had to leave and go to L.A. and do this thing called 'record making' because that's supposedly where we're suppose to do it, and pay my mortgage while I'm sitting in an apartment waiting to do my parts — are you fucking kidding me? If I had to do another record in L.A…. fuck, man, I don't know. I probably just would have left because I'm tired of it. I don't need it. I don't need what comes with it.

"Now when it came down to business, it was like, 'I'm getting up at 10 a.m., I'm getting in the shower, I'm driving out to the farm, I'm laying down some parts, I'm getting on my RM250, I'm riding around, I'm looking at cows, I'm fishing, I'm shooting bottle rockets, I got my kids out and I'm back home in my own bed.' It was the shit. I just lived it up, bro. I had the best time, and it was so close to home."

Curious what a metal album recorded on an Iowan farm sounds like? All Hope Is Gone is scheduled for release on Aug. 25, but you'll be able to hear Slipknot perform tracks from it beforehand when the band perform at the Rockstar Mayhem Festival with Disturbed, DragonForce, Mastodon and others at Toronto's Downsview Park on Aug. 8.
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