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1/5: "Sólo koncerty na podporu mé nové knihy budou zahrnovat předčítání vybraných kapitol, akustickou show a diskuzi s fanoušky."

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Nepřehlédněte aktuální zprávy na našem webu!

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Slipknot patří na Facebooku mezi 20 nejsledovanějších hudebních kapel vůbec? Až za nimi jsou jména jako KoRn či U2.

2008-11-14 16:21 Corey(8)
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The full length "Dead Memories" video featuring some extra footage:

2008-11-14 16:16 Corey(8)
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Tonight's (Wednesday, November 12) edition of Norway's "Tinitus" radio show, which will air between 20.00 CET (8:00 p.m.) and 22.00 CET (10:00 p.m.) on Norway's P3, will include a special report from the SLIPKNOT / MACHINE HEAD / CHILDREN OF BODOM gig at the Oslo Spektrum earlier this week where SATYRICON frontman Sigurd "Satyr" Wongraven interviewed SLIPKNOT drummer Joey Jordison. Also interviewed for tonight's program were Satyr and IN FLAMES guitarist Björn Gelotte.

"Tinitus" is Norway's most popular metal show with an average of over 60,000 listeners per week (1.5 percent of the country's population!).
2008-11-08 20:43 Corey(8)
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Here are some videos from Moscow, Russia:

Corey Taylor for A-ONE News:

Sid Wilson with some fans:

2008-11-08 20:42 Corey(8)
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Moscow, Nov 1 - The well-known American metal band Slipknot will present their new album All Hope Is Gone during their first concert in Russia, which will take place on November 5 at the Olimpijski Stadium.

"As part of the concert, the 9 musicians from Slipknot, led by vocalist Corey Taylor, will perform some new material off of their newest album, and play a fantastic show, a show which Russia has never witnessed before"

The musicians, known for their scary stage image, with their amazing masks, brought their equipment from America on three planes and three trucks.

From Slipknot you can expect a fantastic stage show, excellent sound, light, much better than Queen and Iron Maiden live performances combined together, and there's even some hydraulic drum set [Joey Jordison's one.]

The band members required some American food to be served to them during their stay in Moscow. They ordered some fastfood: hamburgers, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, some roast beef, poultry and also some dishes from Mexican cuisine.
For dessert the band (despite their frightening appearance) has chosen cookies, pies, cakes and of course ice cream.

In the dressing room, among other things, Slipknot wanted to have mineral water, juice, tonic drinks and 1.8 liters of Stolichnaya and Gray Goose vodka, some Jagermeister, Jack Daniels, Crown Royal whiskey and some more snacks.

Slipknot formed in 1995 in the state of Iowa (USA)

All Slipknot albums are rated Platinum, and in 2006 Slipknot won the Grammy Award for "Best Metal Performance" with the song "Before I Forget"
2008-11-08 20:41 Corey(8)
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Psychosocial has been nominated as one of the Best Videos of 2008 on Fuse. The band needs your help to win this. The voting is done as a tournament style bracket and for Week 1 Slipknot are up against Metallica so we really need everyone to get over there and vote this week. You can only vote once per round so get your friends to vote too! Head over to http://www.fuse.tv/music/best-of-2008/ to vote. When you get to the page scroll down until you can see the bracket and Slipknot are in the top right corner click there and you will be able to vote! Let's make sure we get Psychosocial to Number 1!!!!

2008-11-08 20:40 Corey(8)
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Here's a brand new video (see below) featuring footage of Glen Benton's (DEICIDE) performance at the event and interview clips with Corey Taylor, Joey Jordison and Paul Gray (SLIPKNOT):

2008-10-31 23:50 Corey(8)
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The Pulse of Radio reports: SLIPKNOT frontman Corey Taylor knows a thing or two about scaring people with the eerie masks and frightening videos that his band is noted for. It's no surprise that Taylor is also a huge fan of horror movies, so The Pulse of Radio asked him to list some of his favorites to watch on Halloween. "'The Mothman Prophecies' is an amazing movie," he said. "It's even more chilling that it's based on true events. 'Donnie Darko' is just a completely twisted movie. But as far as good-time standbys, man, you've got 'From Dusk Til Dawn', all the 'Halloween's. The first two are really amazing, and the rest are kind of campy, but if you really want to get into the Halloween spirit, I mean like, that's the thing to do, man, right there."

Taylor and the rest of SLIPKNOT play in Moscow next Wednesday (November 5) before launching a European tour in Finland on November 7 as they continue supporting their latest album, "All Hope Is Gone".
2008-10-31 23:47 Corey(8)
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Update from Josh Rand:

"Wow! I can't believe a whole year has gone by since I checked in with you last. Lots has happened. The summer floods, working on ideas for Stone Sour, and the new project I've been working on.

So let's start with Stone Sour first. Our tentative plan is to start rehearsals for the new album in the fall of 2009, hit the studio at the beginning of 2010, and release around Summertime. I have to say that all of us are really thrilled about having Roy in the writing process this time around. I've heard song ideas from everyone, and I have a feeling this could be the most diverse Stone Sour album yet!

In other news, I've been working on a new project called Moonshot. It's a female fronted rock band, and I'm pretty excited about it! Here's a link to check it out www.myspace.com/moonshotband. That's all you get for now. I'll keep you updated.

Take care and see-ya soon."
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