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Slipknot patří na Facebooku mezi 20 nejsledovanějších hudebních kapel vůbec? Až za nimi jsou jména jako KoRn či U2.

2009-09-19 23:28 Corey(8)
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Roadrunnerrecords.co.uk: SLIPKNOT celebrated the 10th Anniversary of the release of their self titled debut album this week with the release of a special CD/DVD edition of the album.

By way of our own celebration, we have been chatting to the band and people involved with the guys during that album cycle. Today, we continue the series with an interview with Mark Blackstock- the manager of WOLVERHAMPTON CIVIC HALL, location of the now infamous Sid balcony leap which rumour has it got the band barred from the venue for life...

Can you remember the first time you heard Slipknot? What were your initial thoughts about the band?

“I remember the first time I saw a photo of them and my initial reaction was – why on earth is that man wearing a hoover on his face? Then I listened to some of their music and thought what great tunes!”

Take us back to when you were approached by the bands agent about booking the venue for the band as part of their first UK tour? Did you have any reservations at that stage? Or did the opportunity excite you?

“Our local people involved in the music scene said they were really wild and bonkers so I thought this made it all the more fun and I didn’t have any reservations about booking them!”

Do you remember what the fans of the band were like on the night of the show? Any cool stories about the mania outside the venue that you would like to share?

“Everyone queuing up outside the venue was very excited. They’d been queuing virtually all day and lots of people were dressed up. We even had to confiscate some masks from people as they aren’t allowed in to the venue. “

How were the band when you met them? What were your first impressions of them?

“The first time I saw the band they still had their masks on but when they later took them off they were the opposite of what you’d expect and were in fact very charming people. They reminded me of the Beastie Boys as they had the same vibe”.

When the band first hit the stage, what went through your mind?

“Prior to the band going on stage we’d had a big lecture from the bands security man so we weren’t sure what to expect. The stage set was fantastic, like being at a circus. It was a great atmosphere and the crowd were going bonkers!”

And when Sid clambered up onto the balcony...?

“I noticed he’d left the stage and all of a sudden all the audience were looking up at the balcony. The security man had positioned himself directly below the balcony and all of a sudden Sid jumped and completely missed the waiting security man. All the kids surged forwards and the security went to rescue Sid while we went after the girl he’d landed on.”

Rumour has it that you banned the guys from the venue for life for that little stunt. Is this true and are they still banned?

“The band were never banned from the venue. A lot of music press were trying to contact Councillors and generate a big story and this led to a lot of rumours. Slipknot would be more than welcome to come back to the Civic Hall.”

When you look back at that night, and at what the band have achieved since, what are your overriding emotions?

“I think it’s fantastic that they came to Wolverhampton and bought pleasure to so many people. They pushed the boundaries of what entertainment is and I think they’re a jolly good act!”
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