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1/5: "Sólo koncerty na podporu mé nové knihy budou zahrnovat předčítání vybraných kapitol, akustickou show a diskuzi s fanoušky."

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Slipknot patří na Facebooku mezi 20 nejsledovanějších hudebních kapel vůbec? Až za nimi jsou jména jako KoRn či U2.

2008-08-13 10:58 Corey(8)
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That's probably one of the most original and interesting tribute albums that a band like Slipknot would ever get. Slipknot come on like an a-bomb; nine men pummeling out the most brutal, banging sound. Their fanbase demand the most uncompromising music. That spirit fuels The Scorched Earth Orchestra. They expand on Slipknot's marching-band-from-hell framework. Booming percussion; in-your-face horns; string sections that rip at your flesh; all of these make this a tribute that maggots will dig like the grave.

1. Wait and Bleed
2. Surfacing
3. Left Behind
4. The Shape
5. My Plague
6. Iowa
7. Vermillion
8. Duality
9. The Nameless
10. Danger, Keep Away

For more info and samples go to www.vitaminrecords.com!
2008-08-13 10:55 Corey(8)
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Some videos from backstage of SlipKnoT show at Mansfield, MA:

The Blister Exists:

Get This:

Other videos - Surfacing, Disasterpiece
2008-08-13 10:52 Corey(8)
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Corey Taylor about his new mask, diversity of the genre and SlipKnoT fans at Rockstar Mayhem tour:

2008-08-13 10:50 Corey(8)
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SLIPKNOT vocalist Corey Taylor and percussionist Shawn "Clown" Crahan were guests on yesterday's (Thursday, August 7) edition of "MuchOnDemand" (a.k.a. "MOD"), an hour-long interactive television program which airs on Canada's MuchMusic. Watch their appearance in two parts below.

Part 1:

Part 2:

2008-08-13 10:48 Corey(8)
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30-second audio samples of all the tracks that appear on the new SLIPKNOT album, "All Hope Is Gone", are available for streaming at the Nuclear Blast Musicshop.

2008-08-13 10:46 Corey(8)
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Help show the world that Slipknot are back and they are stronger than ever! Head here to vote for Psychosocial for Best Rock Video!

2008-08-13 10:45 Corey(8)
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The Pulse of Radio reports: If you have missed SLIPKNOT on this summer's Rockstar Energy Mayhem tour, don't worry — the band will return for its own trip through the U.S. starting in late January, according to HardDrive Radio. It's too early for details, but fans will probably hear a lot more of the band's new album, "All Hope Is Gone", on that trek. The group is only playing one new song on the current trip, but singer Corey Taylor told The Pulse of Radio he couldn't be happier with the response the band has received. "It's very appreciative," he said. "It's been two and a half years since we played, our first show was Seattle (on July 9) and people were just so cheesed to see us, you know what I mean? It was such a great feeling. And, you know, the feedback afterward is just so good, man. People are just celebrating you being there, and if you do well, then people are just really gonna have a good time watching you."

In addition to all-new masks and costumes, SLIPKNOT's current stage show features a lift that raises percussionist Shawn Crahan high above the stage as well as a drum platform for Joey Jordison that rotates sideways, upside down and around.
2008-08-07 22:58 Corey(8)
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Watch the full-length, uncut video for Psychosocial here!

Most of the bands who previously turned slagging Slipknot into an extreme sport have fallen off the face of the earth.

The 'Knot, on the other hand, have spent nearly a decade cementing their place as one of hard rock’s most extreme acts.

They've dropped three albums and two DVDs, all of which went Platinum or better. They've sold out festivals and tours around the globe.

And they are preparing to release their fourth record, All Hope Is Gone.

Check out the exclusive UNCUT vesion of their new single Psychosocial right here, and remember where you saw it first...

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